August 07, 2010

Inspired by Olivia

When you write a book, you hope someone will read it, and it's over the top if someone does and is moved enough to review it. This week "kissing the mirror" got its first review, and it was a good one. (Whew)
I "met" Olivia searching for photos for My People. She's a professional photographer and chronicled her visit to Israel with her husband Bryan 2 years ago. She captured images of ordinary life here that I must have passed by without a glance at least a 1000 times, but never noticed them until I saw them through her eyes.

You can find Olivia at Inspired by Grace, named for her daughter Natalie Grace, "who was born an angel and went to be with the Lord on October 2, 2003". Olivia suffers from Systemic Lupus Nephritis, which my wife Yael (an RN) describes as the body being at war with itself. Following her has indeed been an inspiration because the pain, grief and disappointments haven't weakened her or caused her to withdraw into herself. She has a joyful heart and a stronger spirit than most of the "healthy" people I know.

Olivia has honored me by reading "kissing the mirror" and reflected on it at Inspired by Grace.
"To be honest, I felt like I had more questions from Ami to ask, than him telling me what to think…"
Since publishing "kissing the mirror" I have desired a word of affirmation, that telling my story to others was the right thing to do, and I received it in Olivia.

You will find her entire review HERE at Inspired by Grace.

Thank you, Olivia, for the blessing of your life and praise.